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Famous TKE Alumni

Many men are fraters in the bond and fraternal brotherhood known as Tau Kappa Epsilon, below are just some of the more well-known brothers:

Ronald Reagan - Iota Chapter
40th President of the United States of America
33rd Governor of the State of California

Terry Bradshaw - Zeta-Beta Chapter
Former Quarterback of the National Football League's Pittsburgh Steelers

Roy Jones Jr. - Tau-Psi Chapter
Former Professional Boxer & Champion - 53 Wins, 5 Losses, 39 KO

Phil Simms - Mu-Sigma Chapter
Former Quarterback of the National Football League's New York Giants

Steve Forbes - Nationally Initiated
President & CEO of Forbes Inc., Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Business Magazine

Paul Wight Jr. - Beta-Chi Chapter
Professional Wrestler: World Wrestling Entertainment's "Big Show"
Known as the "World's Biggest Athlete"

Elvis Presley - Beta-Psi Chapter
Rock N Roll Singer & Actor
Known as the "King of Rock N Roll"

Willie Nelson - Nu-Xi Chapter
Country Music Songwriter & Singer

Howard D. Schultz - Theta-Iota Chapter
Founder, Principal Owner, CEO of Starbucks

Merv Griffin - Gamma-Delta
Entertainer & TV Personality

George Wendt - Kappa-Nu
Famously known as 'Norm Peterson' on the TV Sitcom 'Cheers"

Les Paul - Gamma-Delta
Guitarist & Pioneering Electric Guitar Inventor
Best Known for Association With The 'Gibson Les Paul'

Robert Wuhl - Epsilon-Omicron
Actor & Comedian

"Bald" Vinny Milano - Kappa-Iota
Famous Member of the Section 203 'Bleacher Creatures' of Major League Baseball's New York Yankees



Bruce C Gordon - Psi

Former President of the NAACP



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